Destination Weddings in Croatia

Looking for the ultimate wedding band?

Our specialty is performing at modern weddings and so-called destination weddings.

If you are looking for a professional wedding band to provide epic entertainment for your guests, the INFINITY band is here for you.

The possibility of hosting programs in the English language, experience with the world’s largest destination wedding agencies, and a comprehensive repertoire that will satisfy all your guests, whether they come from Croatia or abroad – these are all elements of cooperation that we are proud of and that distinguish us from others.

Wedding in Croatia or abroad?

When you dream of your wedding day, your special day, surely your thoughts revolve around a romantic location, the first dance with your partner, and the song that takes you back a few years when you met your true love… family and friends stand by your side and provide you with immense support…

and then there’s the wedding band that makes you lose your voice and you wake up the next day with muscles sore from dancing…

We cover all wedding locations in Croatia and abroad

For us, the fun starts right from the beginning of the journey to the wedding location, and the journey is never an obstacle for the performance, no matter how long it is.

You have the perfect wedding location in Croatia, to which you will always be happy to return with your partner to reminisce about beautiful moments, and we get to discover new locations and, like you, create new and beautiful memories.

All members of the INFINITY band are always ready for the wildest party, and some of us may even join you on the dance floor because the best wedding is when we sing and dance together!

A saxophonist dedicating you a solo, a male and female singer passing you the microphone, various choreographies – there’s nothing we can’t do!


Our extensive song repertoire is like a musical time machine, spanning from the ‘60s until today.

Abba, Tina Turner, Elvis, Boney M, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Genesis, Kool & The Gang, The Police, M.Jackson
Dino Dvornik, Bijelo Dugme, Let3, Vanna, Tony, Oliver, Massimo…


If everything mentioned has caught your interest, and you’ve decided that we will be your wedding band, we must add that we strive to respond promptly and make ourselves available for all your questions and clarifications from the very first moment we come into contact.
Therefore, it is best to contact us and share with us how you imagine your perfect day!